Saturday, July 23, 2011

Washington day 1

Hot, hot, hot, from the minute we stood on the platform waiting for the train until we arrived in the hotel. The trip was uneventful but these temps are horrible. I meet one of my fellow top travelers at Penn station and we talked the time away. We had a mere 20min to freshen up and make it to the orientation. Very organized and it was a great first night. We had a language lesson, I am not that good at German!

We then had a great Mediterranean meal with some German beer. Some travelers have never been to Washington and chose to go see the monuments. As this is really my backyard I decided to walk back to the hotel with a small group and check in to the plane. Our itinerary for today begins at 11:30. We will be leaving for the airport by 4. I am really looking forward to the veggie meal on the plane ( not). No worries, I have protein bars galore.

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