Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last train to Dresden

Was that a song? No no it was Clarksville, never the less we were traveling on the train for about 7 hours with changes. Okay, I stink at packing, far too heavy for stairs and overhead compartments. Thankfully we have gentlemen on this trip who are very gracious and ask to assist us ladies, okay old ladies! But hey why not, I can do it but with help I don't need to throw my back out!

The hotel is beautiful, very funky, artsy. We settled in, for 15 minutes :( and had a walking tour of Dresden. The rain was horizontal and the wind chill kicked in, this town must really be beautiful in the summer, oh wait???? Never the less we endured and learned a lot about the buildings art and architecture. The city was 90% destroyed in the war and then remained in rubble as an eastern block nation until well past unification. The plans were drawn and building began around 1993. The architects followed the pictures and plan of the old city, so you really get the feel of the old Dresden. But it is totally reconstructed. After a chilly tour we ate a delicious dinner a typical Saxon restaurant. My salmon was amazing!

Tomorrow we have an opportunity to travel to Prague but the weather will be very rainy, only 2 participant are choosing to go, and I am not one of them. The day will be free to explore Dresden, the museums and historic buildings. The old masters museum holds some of the greatest collections in the world, so I am excited!

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