Friday, July 29, 2011

Last day Stutgart

The day began with yet another delicious breakfast from the hotel. Breakfasts are included with the rooms through out Germany. We boarded the bus and took a short bus tour of the city. We then traveled to another Teacher Academy and discussed the idea of dual education. Within this system students are trained in their profession with an arrangement within the company and given schooling 1to 2 days a week. Hmmm... Why can't we embrace this model? Not all students want to or should go to college. This system values all professions and the pay can be substantial. Really an eye opener!

We the traveled to the Bosh villa, yes Villa, for a lovely three course meal. The funding for our trip comes from private sources. The Germans have a belief in social responsibility, giving back, and that is why we are here. The purpose of the meeting was to have a discussion on trends in education and share ideas about economic policy and globalization, oh and eat... Delicious meal, wonderful discussion and great connection between the industrial Germany and German educational system.

Then we traveled to the Mercedes Bends museum for a tour. Wow! What a great architectural statement. The plan and execution of the museum is awe inspiring. The history, and artifacts (cars), were amazing. Again, I can not wait to upload photos as they will blow your mind! Sadly, we were not given a gift of a New car as we left, we did however get a lanyard!

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