Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 5 Stutgart

Today we borded the bus for Stutgart at 8:15 and we were off. The ride was long. We stopped in Comburg for a visit to the professional development academy for teachers. We learned that this castle was used by the Benedictine Monks and developed as a Monastary in the 11th century. It was then used by the Catholic church during the counter reformation. I can not wait to upload the photos. They are amazing. We then heard about the professional development opportunities for teachers. Yes it is too good to be true!

The teachers choosing to become principals are given the opportunity to study there. All expenses paid for 5 courses , each 2 and half days. Once again the perks come at the top! But what a beautiful place to stay and study. We continued to Stutgart and arrived at the hotel, only to find it changed from our itinerary, and no free Internet as promised. We explored the area, really a business area and I got toothpaste. We had a great dinner, complete with traditional German wine from the region surrounding the area. Tomorrow we will visit training school for dual training, after the haupshula, or realshule,. Then we will greet the funders of our trip at the bosh foundation and have a 3course lunch. Our day will end with a visit to the Mercedes Benz Museum. I am not sure if we get to choose the color of our car....

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