Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 4 Bavaria

This is the quintessential Germany everyone thinks of. The rolling hills and small villages all framed by the alps. Today we traveled south to the Austrian border to visit the castle of Ludwig the second at Neuswanstein. This is the castle that Walt Disney fashioned his sleeping beauty castle from. Ludwig is known as the fairy tale king and you can tell why. The treck up was long, and rainy but the views were amazing. The tour inside gave us a glimpse into the madness of Ludwig. It is very dark and the walls are covered with paintings depicting Wagners operas. He did have running water, lighting and the first flush toilet, literally it was designed as the royal throne.

When were emerged the day was sunny. We travelled down to the baseband had a nice salad for lunch. I had a beer, as it is the same cost as water. We then boarded our bus to the church in the meadow. This is an unesco world heritage site. Catholics take pilgrimages to this church in hopes of asking the Lord to heal them. The statute of Christ is believed to have wept and bled. I lite candles for my family. The church is deigned in the baroque style and I have many pictures.

The church was holding a Handle concert but we voted and chose to return to Munich for the last night. We ate at the Augustiner brewery, the only brewery still privately owned in Munich. We had a nice dinner in the beir garden. We are leaving for Stutgart tomorrow morning at 8:30. So we need to be packed and checked out by then.

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  1. I was here!

    I wanted to text with you but I was on a conference call and online with a machine in Michigan...All while at the customer site in Malvern, and not working on that customer's machine!

    The grains & jogurt breakfast sounds super. I'm glad you got to tour Neuschwanstein! Glad you're able to blog with the ipad.

    Met Ceci & Kelsey for dinner at Victory. It wasn't a biergarten, more like a bier warehouse...

    Had blogging trouble..Went to sign-in page like 11 times, and I was already signed in!