Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 3 Munich

A little later start today, so I am more well rested. Breakfast at the hotel is delicious. The coffee is plentiful and the selections are very European. They have a delicious selection of fresh yogurts and grains. Additionally they have fresh rolls, croissants, and lovely cheeses. They have a plentiful amount of smoked salmon, and fresh meats. They even have. Baked tomato with parmesan cheese. Needless to say, I am not going hungry.

We traveled by bus to the Gymnasium, an school the prepares students for the University. This tracking system is accepted as an appropriate way to prepare students for the best fit career for their individual learning. While the hapshula and realshule track into apprenticeships, the gymnasium tracks in to the abitur, the entrance exam for university. This concept is very foreign to us as we learn toward total inclusion in the US.

We had an opportunity to meet teachers, the principal, and your the school. Unfortunately the students were out of the building, on a special day of excursions. Were examined the text books, and found some graffiti in the bathroom. Here is the poem: no boys no love, no love no children, no children no school, no school no teachers, no teachers no problems! Ha!

We then had time to catch a quick bite in Munich and then it was off to the Department of Ministry for a presentation on education in Bavaria. It was very interesting , the controversy arose when a participant asked how the question of bystanders was delt with when studying the Holocaust. After the meeting we traveled back to the hotel for a final presentation on the question of the drop outs, the environment, and immigration. Quite an eclectic group of topics.

Dinner was great. Italian food is popular with the locals, so we went to an lovely restaurant and at outside. My sea bass was delicious. Tomorrow we will travel to Neuswanstein castle, the famed

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