Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 2 Munich

This trip is amazing!

Today we began at 8:30 am and were off to a realshule, a secondary school in Munich. It was an early start and we were all very tired but it was a great experience. We were met by Victoria, Teacher of English at the school. After an introduction we were greated by the principal and then set off to various class to meet with teachers and students. Our first class was with a small group of students who introduced themselves and then asked us questions. They made 2 cakes for us, delicious, and we learned more about their school. Really, they are just like students in the US. The class was working on a music production and invited us to come and listen. I video taped it and will upload it when I get home. The next class was an English class and were anxious to speak in English. They asked me how old I was and I had to to do the math as my birthday was 2 days ago, they sang happy birthday to me: awesome! They could not believe students could text message in their pockets!

We finished the day with a musical presentation in the schools Celtic temple. It was wonderful!

We then traveled to Weltenburg brewery, the oldest monastic brewery in Germany. We had a wonderful lunch and tour of the monastary. We were treated to a beer tasting and learned all about the techniques and varieties of the beer. We all slept on the ride home, and then explored Munich a little more when we arrived back.

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  1. Ellen- the trip sounds great! Thanks for the updates!