Sunday, July 24, 2011


What a wonderful trip!

The flight was great, except for the screaming baby. Luftansa is a delightful airline to fly. The food was appetizing and the amenities were free. I watched the lincoln lawyer and rested a bit. Even with earplugs however I could still hear the baby screaming.

The retrieval of our luggage was quick, as was customs. We were treated by our tour guides, Alexander and Annette an boarded a bus to the hotel. I was glad not to have to shlep the bags on the metro as is usual. The rain here in Munich changed our plans a bit. We stored our luggage and took a bus and walking tour of Munich. We saw the Olympic park, the golkenspeil, many beautiful statues and fountains, and toured the palace of Ludwig the first, a tribute to his son crown prince Maximillian. Many commented on the similarities to Versailles in granduar and design. I have no frame of reference but it was beautiful. The gardens were amazing as well.

We then returned to check in to the hotel, thoroughly exhausted, showered and were off to a beer garden for dinner. I had a delicious vegetable strudel, and tasted the cultural drink of choice! We took a leisurely walk back to the hotel through old Munich and returned by 9 30. We need to be up and ready to leave by 730 tomorrow and it is off to experience a typical German classroom and tour a monastic brewery.

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